A Literary Crime Fiction Novel

Just remember the future.

“She sits benumbed in the liquified ocean of her frozen past for a period in which time does not pass—when time is not measured, but loneliness is unrestrained. And as that loneliness turns to solitude, she is forced to act.”


The Author

John K Danenbarger

John Danenbarger spends much of his time writing in Italy. Born in Atlanta, he graduated from University of Kansas with a degree in English and Creative Writing. With a back-list of short stories, Danenbarger established the Salem Massachusetts Writers’ Club. After living in Oslo, Norway, Stockholm, Sweden, and Salem, MA, Danenbarger achieved a merchant marine captain’s license, sailing for two years on the New England coast including two round-trips to Bermuda. This is John’s debut novel.

From the Author Blog

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A Literary Crime Fiction Novel by John K Danenbarger.


Profound. Thought-provoking.

– Janet Slipak –

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Gritty characters solidify an intelligent story and an abstract concept.

– Kirkus Reviews

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A beautifully written book.

– Lomeraniel Audiobook Reviews

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