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A Literary Crime Fiction Novel  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

They look like the perfect family. But every family has its secrets. Can we ever know the people we love?

Flipping through old family albums, the faces are familiar; their true stories lost to time -half-forgotten family anecdotes woven together by generations of proud aunts and kindly grandmothers conceal more than they reveal.

This first-place prize-winning novel explores the obscure recesses in this family tree. The lives of eight souls intertwine in a sprawling family history, a legacy of loss, kidnapping, larceny, and murders unresolved and unforgiven.

Enjoy this epic achievement in the experimental tradition of David Mitchell and Ian McEwan, with the darkly exotic undertones of books like Mexican Gothic and The Cutting Season.

Entanglement is at its heart a crime story, but reads more like a twisted family drama spanning generations.

…The title is clever and on point, and the entanglement is such that I found myself drawing lines between the characters and the plot notes on several large sheets of papers. Rare is the novel that has me so engrossed I bother with note-taking.

Great writing with great characters, and vivid settings—from Maine to Kansas to Bermuda to Arctic Norway.

An intellectual and unusual book—I suspect we’ll see much more from Danenbarger in years to come. The audio book is also very well produced.

Richard L.

The Author

John K Danenbarger

John Danenbarger spends much of his time writing in Italy. Born in Atlanta, he graduated from University of Kansas with a degree in English and Creative Writing. With a back-list of short stories, Danenbarger established the Salem Massachusetts Writers’ Club. After living in Oslo, Norway, Stockholm, Sweden, and Salem, MA, Danenbarger achieved a merchant marine captain’s license, sailing for two years on the New England coast including two round-trips to Bermuda. This is John’s debut novel.


From the Interview to John K Danenbarger, published October 21, 2019 in Author SpotlightWhat Is That Book About

Q: The generational aspect of Entanglement: Quantum + Otherwise is one of its most fascinating elements. Can you talk about what inspired you to approach this story from the different generations of this family?

A: It was definitely an inspirational moment that created this thread of the story. At home, I had created a wall of family portrait pictures which reached back to the beginnings of photography to my great-great grandparents as young boys. I think my family must have been quite egotistical since they wanted to be photographed back when photography was not so easy. One day as I stood in front of the wall, I felt a rush of sadness as I realized that what I knew about each of these people was as thin as the paper on which each picture was printed. And simultaneously, I realized that I, too, would soon only be one of these pictures, if ever I were so lucky.

Q: Most quantum entanglement stories are science fiction of some kind. How do you think that the idea of quantum entanglement adds to the complexity of this very literary novel?

A: Obviously, quantum physics is somewhat mysterious as of yet. We humans look at this part of our existence the way a new-born or small child looks at the world – as something important and something to learn about. And, if we, as adults, continue to be curious, as we should, quantum physics is that exciting and mysterious world. So why not add it to the story as a fringe benefit, just over the edge of our sense of reality?

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About ENTANGLEMENT: Quantum and Otherwise

A Literary Crime Fiction Novel by John K Danenbarger.


Profound. Thought-provoking.

– Janet Slipak –

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Gritty characters solidify an intelligent story and an abstract concept.

– Kirkus Reviews

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A beautifully written book….David de Vries did a splendid job narrating this book and bringing all characters to life…. I found the music between chapters very appropriate as it enhanced the feeling of watching play and gave the feeling of listening to intermission music.

– Lomeraniel Audiobook Reviews

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